Who Am I?

Who am I?
Who am I really?

That was the question that started to constantly buzz in my head, shortly after having started my daily meditation practice in 1989. The start of this regular spiritual activity has surely been the major pivoting point in my life. There was life before and life after! It meant the start of a long series of deeply transforming moments and insights.

My Story part One

Some years before I had founded a successful tour-operating company, and lived a hectic and materialistic lifestyle. The pressure weighed very heavily on my well-being in all possible ways, and in particular on my physical health. More and more I realised I was not living life to my highest excitement, but was on the contrary totally imprisoned in strong limiting belief systems I had blindly taken over from the matrix I grew up in.

My Story part Two


Having seen a glimpse of the unlimited potential of the Awakened Human Being, sitting behind an office desk was no longer an option. So I left Belgium in 2016 and started a new life in the beautiful and peaceful countryside of the South-West Portuguese Alentejo region, surrounded by powerful cork-oaks, and barely 20 km from the amazing coastline. In a yurt in the beautiful Quinta do Carvalhosinho, home base of the A Mandorla project, I enjoy life in simplicity, silence, and depth. Here I love to quietly meditate, contemplate the mystical union, and consciously follow the Divine Flow. As Embodied Consciousness.

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The purpose of my life and my highest excitement is to share the fruits of my 30 years of adventure on the Path of Awakening, with committed seekers for true Self-discovery and -development. All shedding their cocoon and spreading their wings as beautiful butterflies.



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