What To Do To Receive The Reality You Desire

A radio uses a channel tuner to select and receive a particular station out of all those that are simultaneously existing.

Likewise, each of your beliefs gets you vibrating at a unique set of frequencies. These frequencies then attract, by sympathetic resonance, those holograms vibrating on the same frequencies.

That is, out of “The Field Of All Already Existing Possibilities”, those holograms that vibrate at the same frequencies as the frequencies of your beliefs, get selected and received by you as your “external physical experiences”. Each belief is a unique set of frequencies that determines which holograms you attract into your experience.

Now, when you are watching television and the current program displeases you, you do not try to change or transform that program. Instead, you simply choose another program that you do prefer.

Likewise, if the reality you are experiencing displeases you, you do not need to change or transform it. You only need to choose another version of reality to “receive”, by synchronizing your vibrations with the version of reality you do prefer to experience. It already exists! All you have to do is select it and allow it in.

It’s you and only you who selects the channel you’re watching in life!