By consistently focusing on reconnecting with the Absolute Oneness, we lift the veils that are separating us from the other layers of Consciousness, the other dimensions, and all Higher Knowledge.

O~C~E~A~N is meant to be a beacon for all those amazing Humans who took the conscious decision to fully flower as the Awakened Masters they already Are – bringing the Cosmic Human, entirely One with the Absolute, to full fruition.

Let’s all shed our cocoon…
and spread our wings as beautiful butterflies.

The birth of the Cosmic Human

This may very well be the most unique period in the entire human history! So pregnant of a potential we are not even close to being able to estimate…

The birth of the Cosmic Human or God-Man is presently taking place and that is something we absolutely want to experience from the front row!

The Age of Pisces

After a long history of widespread illiteracy and systematic repression, the Age of Pisces offered humanity opportunities to fully develop into independently reasoning personalities. There came room for prosperity and for freedom of self-development, with as the ultimate achievement the postmodern thinking, by which every individual also obtained the full right to create his own standards and values and to also freely proclaim his own indisputable right.

This without any doubt essential individual personality development however also had a number of important far-reaching negative consequences. The sense of separateness and the protection of self-interest gradually got stronger, and finally resulted in a world full of ego-centrism, greed, lust for power, discrimination, and shameless destruction of our natural environment. The perverse logic of industrial groups and by governments blindly applied economic models are as good as untouchable to a great extent.

The Age of Aquarius

But the entry into the Age of Aquarius is being felt more and more strongly. We are vibrating faster and faster towards a higher consciousness, which now is based on thinking and acting out of oneness. An evolution seeing itself also reflected in the dazzling discoveries of quantum physics, clearly stating the existence of an Absolute Unity behind the manyness of the Relative.

We are increasingly realizing that everything is energy, one infinite field of energy, and that we all Are in fact this pure all-encompassing and highly powerful, intelligent and creative Consciousness.

A Human is so much more than his temporary body.
We all are boundless energy fields,
waves of the One limitless and eternal Cosmic Field.

Flower as the Awakened Master You already Are

On the high energy waves of that infinite O~C~E~A~N we want to surf with the creation and development of a helping tool for committed seekers of spiritual awakening – a beacon for all the beautiful Humans who want to fully flower as the Awakened Masters they in fact already Are.

Starting from the realization that everything is imbued by one Absolute Unity (the fourth dimension), but very actively constructing a future in which this all-encompassing Unity is also empirically fully experienced and lived (the fifth dimension).

By consistent conscious focusing on reconnecting with the Absolute Oneness, we will lift the veils which now still separate us from plenty of other layers of consciousness, dimensions and knowledge.

Bring the Cosmic Human,
entirely One with the Absolute,
to full fruition
and spread your wings as beautiful butterflies.